Whole house music systems

By | January 3, 2012

Whole house music systems have come of age.  Although whole house music systems have been around for years, with the advent of The iPod and the Androids and other smart phones and devices (iPads, etc, etc), these systems have become extremely affordable, practical, and easy to use.

Whole house music systems that might have cost $15,000 or more a few years ago can now be purchased for thousands less.   Additionally these systems can also be installed for thousands less because of new wireless technolgies making installation much easier.

If you have a wireless network, a smart device like an iPhone or iPad (or Android), you are closer to having an easy to use and affordable whole house music system than you may realize.

Systems such as Sonos wireless music systems and devices like The Apple TV make bringing an advanced whole house music system to most any home affordable and easy. 

Contact a local Sonos dealer, or most any independent home theater company that specializes in hoe theater and whole house sound systems.  Chances are a local, independent whole house music and home theater dealer will have the products and expertise that you will not find at the big stores such as Best Buy (Geek Squad).

In New Hampshire, or Northern Massachusetts contact SVI Home Theater Systems, Inc in Manchester, NH.  We are the premier while house music and home theater dealer in NH.  Trust a local expert.

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