New Monitor Audio Silver RX and NAD T-775-receiver. Wow!

By | November 21, 2011

This past week I sold one of the nicest sounding systems I have installed for quite a while.  It was a full set of The Monitor Audio Silver RX speakers, including the Silver RX6 towers, Silver RX Centre, Silver RXFX, and The Silver RXW12 Subwoofer in a stunning gloss piano black.  I powered the speakers with the top of the line T-775 Receiver/Amplifier by NAD.  What an amazing sounding (and looking) system. 

For around $8,000 dollars, this system put you right in the the sound.  Whether you are watching a movie, a concert on DVD or Bluray, or listening to CD quaility music, this system put you right there.

Some may ask the question, “Why would someone spend almost $10,000 on a system?”  I would rebutt, why wouldn’t you?!  At $8,000, this system is a bargain and a half. 

A pure high-fi system simply needs to be experienced to truly be appreciated.  In todays world of MP3 music and iPods, good sound quality is rarely appreciated unfortunately.  Many of my clients simply appreciate loud sound and pounding bass when I first meet with them.

Years ago I was in sales at one of the major electronic retailers cutting my teeth.  I was a big Bose guy, and I sold quite a bit of it.  I still have a set of Bose 501 towers, of coarse they reside in my garage where they belong.

Bose for example have thunderous bass, and they are plenty loud, but what is it you are actually hearing if you give them a real good listen? 

The Monitor Audio Silver system powered properly with The NAD is on the higher-end scale of systems compared to any Bose you will find, and here is why.  A) The processor.  No speaker can live up to its true potential without the proper processing and amplification.  I would credit more than half the sound quality of a system to its amplification.  I can not stress enough how important this is.

Bose has an itegrated amplifier built into its subwoofer (or Bass module) of all places to have it.  This gives the illusion that all that sound is coming from very small speakers and a very small receiver.  In actuallity what a Bose system is a glorified mini-system, with far inferior electronic components and 60′s technology speakers.  It is possible to go to your local Radio Shack and acurately replace a blown speaker in a Bose product.   

Take for example The Eagles Farewell Tour I concert DVD I played as a demo for my client with The Monitor Audio and NAD system I mentioned.  You may as well have been at that concert.  It isn’t simply loud, if you close your eyes you would swear you were sitting in the audience.  The processing of that receiver was mind boggling.  You could hear the gentle sound of the snare drum behind you in your right ear, and the slight shaking of the moracas to your left.  The imaging was so life like it the music moved through you and you became a part of it.  I was speechless. 

The Silver RXW12 subwoofer was so powerful and tight, you just felt it rather than hear it.  The bass drums could not have been more realistic and tight.  The highs and mids projecting from The Monitoer Audio RX6 towers and RC Centre were stunning.  You could hear every breath the singer took and every finger as the musicians changed notes on the guitars.   You were there.  It was a rather powerful experience actually.

I guess it is time for me to upgrade.  But seriously, if you are shopping for the ultimate home theater experience, consider your options, and consider spending the money on the right processor and amplifer.  Couple that with a good set of mid to high end speakers like the Monitor Audio Silver RX and you will not be disapointed.

PG Mc Adams, Proprietor

SVI Home Theater Systems, Inc.

Manchester, NH