New Hampshire charter school uses iPad in the classroom

By | May 14, 2013

New Hampshire charter school adapts smart screen technology in their classrooms, and it is surprisingly affordable.  iPad in the classroom.


Mt. St. Mary’s Academy in Manchester, NH has begun adapting smart-screen technology in their classrooms combining flat screen HDTVs and projectors with Apple Computer’s Apple TV product.  Apple TV is not a TV at all.  It is a small media server that connects TVs and projectors to the internet through a simple wireless or wired network connection.  Once connected, students and teachers at The mount Saint Mary’s Academy can stream pictures, videos, files, and apps from a laptop or smart device directly to a TV or projector wirelessly.  It is a remarkably simple, yet complex system.  It is also a very powerful learning tool.  The idea is to have students begin being issued an iPad or similar tablet rather than conventional text books.  The iPads can be updated with the latest learning material as necessary instead of relying on expensive, quickly outdated text material.  It is really a revolution in education, and Mt. St. Marys Academy is at the cutting edge of implementing these kind of systems.

The mart systems are being sold to the school and installed by SVI Systems, a leading New Hampshire audio, video, and automation company.  SVI specializes in custom home theater, professional audio and video systems, security, and automation systems.  SVI uses the latest in technology and tends to cater to a middle to high-end residential customer base. recently however SVI Home Theater and Security has begun to break into the commercial and education sector.  Projects in recent years include the new town library and senior center in Townsend, MA.  SVI installed two very large projector systems in a split auditorium and a state of the art theater system in a recreation room.  Other projects include the new Boys and Girls Club of North Central Massachusetts, where they installed a conference system, a projector and sound system in a multi-function hall, and a huge rear-projection screen in the auditorium complete with professional sound and PA system.  Most recently, SVI Systems installed two-projector system in two classrooms at the music department for Central High School in Manchester, NH, and now the aforementioned smart TV systems at Mt. St. Mary’s Academy, a charter school also in Manchester.