Home Automation and Alarm System Integration in NH

By | August 4, 2013



Home automation and alarm system automation in NH is becoming more and more affordable, and more and more common place.  SVI Systems, LLC is one of the leading integration companies in New Hampshire offering home automation and security systems.  SVI features the g! home control system by Elan Home Systems.  The g! system by Elan is not only super powerful, but very affordable, especially when compared to other like automation products.  With an Elan g! System by SVI Systems, LLC it is possible to control audio, video, and whole-house music systems, lighting control, thermostat control, pool and spa control, irrigation, and video surveillance and security system control.


With a home automation system from SVI Systems, LLC clients will experience a whole new level of remote home control.  Imagine that you are on your way to work when you realize you have forgotten to arm your home security alarm system.  With a g! System by Elan Home Systems and SVI Systems you can simply open a free app on you iPad, iPod, or Android device, or remotely connect from you office computer and arm your alarm system with one quick touch of your finger.  It is that easy.

SVI is also a leader in home theater and home entertainment systems.  With a whole house music system by SVI music can be easily played in any room in the house whether it be in your media room, or on outdoor speakers on your patio or by the pool.  With the same simple to use app that controls your alarm system, you can also control your music and media system.

Home automation and alarm system integration in NH can be achieved very easily and on time and budget with g by Elan and SVI Systems, your local NH home theater installation company.